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Gear Review: RRR Gun Rest

Image via RRR Gun Rest.

Don’t hit the tree stand this deer hunting season without the innovative and effective RRR Gun Rest attached to your weapon of choice.

I was recently sent a selection of gun rests to review by the kind folks over at RRR and Associates, LLC and came away impressed with the usefulness that these simple rests provide.

We have all been in a situation while hunting during which we needed some support under the front of our rifles in order to make an accurate and ethical shot. Usually we resort to using some other piece of gear, such as a pair of gloves or a jacket, to support our guns even though those items were not designed with that purpose in mind. This can lead to spooking game and even missing a shot altogether.

However, the RRR Gun Rest eliminates all of those problems and provides shooters and hunters with a solid rest that moves with their gun of choice. The fact that this rest moves with the gun is one of its best features. Instead of being forced to reach forward and adjust the rest, simply modifying the position of your gun is enough to readjust the rest.

Made in the US

The RRR Gun Rest is completely assembled in the USA at the company’s manufacturing center in Houston, Texas using high-quality materials and an attention to detail. The outside of the rest is made of neoprene and closed-cell Armaflex foam is used as the cushioning material on the inside. Armaflex is often used for industrial applications and is therefore able to hold up well in harsh conditions. The water-repelling nature of the neoprene combines with the durability of the foam to create a gun rest that will survive any hunt.

RRR Gun Rest owner Claude Richey on a successful springbok hunt.
RRR Gun Rest owner Claude Richey on a successful springbok hunt in Africa.

The RRR Gun Rest will fit on any standard rifle including non-pump action shotguns, bolt actions, lever actions and muzzleloaders. However, they will not fit on AR or AK-style rifles nor any gun with a stock width outside the range of between 1 ¼ – 2 ¼ inches. It does not affect or obstruct sight picture or barrel harmonics. Weighing in at a negligible three ounces, you won’t even notice having this rest attached to your weapon.

The test

During my testing of the rest, I found every claim by the manufacturers to be absolutely true. The rest fit snugly on every rifle I tested it on and was as simple to install as pulling on a sock. It provided me with a steady rest and sight picture on a variety of surfaces including shooting sticks, a bench rest, and tree branches.

While it won’t make your gun inherently more accurate than it already is, the RRR Gun rest ensures that you get every bit of accuracy that your weapon of choice is capable of. I know that I won’t go hunting again without one of these simple and affordable gun rests attached to my compatible rifle or shotgun. Eliminating as many variables as possible during shooting is one of the biggest keys to consistent accuracy. The RRR Gun Rest will help any shooter to become a more reliable shot and feel more comfortable taking shots on game at any range.

The RRR Gun Rest is available in multiple color options.
The RRR Gun Rest is available in multiple color options.

This rest is available in a variety of different color and camouflage options with prices starting at $19.95. It will only take one shot with an RRR Gun Rest attached to your rifle for you to be convinced of this product’s value.

Don’t let an unsteady rest be the cause of a missed shot during your next hunt. Strap on one of these rests and have the confidence to make your next shot ethically and lethally.

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What do you currently use as a rifle rest while hunting? Share your gear set-ups in the comment section below.

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Gear Review: RRR Gun Rest