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Fishing Gear Review: Redington Tempt Fly Rod

The Redington Tempt fly rod is simply awesome.

In all honesty, this is a really great fly rod. I’ve been using Redington fly rods for a while now, and the Tempt model is hands-down the best I’ve extensively fished with.

The specific model in this review is the 7’6″ 4 piece 3-weight rod. The Tempt also comes in 4-weight and 6-piece options, as well as a variety of longer lengths.

The Basics

I bought this 7’6″ 3wt model for a very specific purpose – fishing smaller, more complicated pockets and tailwater on small streams and creeks.

Photo by Spencer Durrant
Photo by Spencer Durrant

Smaller, moderate-fast action fly rods are exceptional at fishing this kind of water, and the Redington Tempt really shines in that element.

The first thing I noticed when picked up the rod for the first time was just how exceptionally light it is. The rod weighs a whopping 3 ounces, which makes casting an absolute breeze. The Tempt is a slower, more classic-action rod than common fly rods like the St. Croix Avid series. Breezy conditions and long casts aren’t ideal for the Tempt, which makes sense as it was designed for small creeks and streams. (Note – while the action of the Tempt is slower, it’s by no means a ‘slow action’ rod – it falls very comfortably into the moderate-fast category.)

I’ve been using a Redington Crosswater (9ft 5wt) as my primary rod for a while now, and the build quality between the Crosswater and Tempt models is very apparent. While the Crosswater isn’t a bad rod by any means (it’s fabulous for its price) the Tempt feels like a much more expensive rod than it really is.

The contoured half-wells cork grip feels very soft and supple, and the high-end graphite the rod is made from comes in an off-brown color that shimmers in direct sunlight. The rod is a beautiful and functional work of art.

All Redington rods come with a lifetime warranty, and the Tempt is no exception. It can be picked up for around $140-170, depending on where you’re shopping, and comes with a carrying case.

Put To The Test

Photo by Spencer Durrant
Photo by Spencer Durrant

The day after buying the rod, I took it to fish a small pond home to some pretty and feisty Bonneville Cutthroat Trout. I was fishing a size 18 blue wing olive fly with a size 22 red zebra midge as the dropper, about 13 inches under the dry. I had to stand about 20 feet back from the pond in order to cast without spooking the fish, and the Tempt covered the ground easily.

The casting was smooth and on target – I only had to adjust the position of my fly on the water a few times, and those were due to user error. When I casted properly, the Tempt put the fly right where it needed to be.

I was casting right above the longer log in the middle of the photo that sticks almost across the entire pond. I had no problem getting the flies to land there, even with a slight breeze.

The Tempt responded very well when I hooked fish. The hook sets were clean and sharp, and the 3wt. behaved just as 3wts. are supposed to – making every fish you hook feel just a bit bigger than it really is!

Photo by Spencer Durrant
Photo by Spencer Durrant

I caught around 13-14 fish in a few hours of fishing (all around the size of the cutt pictured at right), using the Tempt the entire time, and I fell in love with its smooth and delicate action. Again, this is not a power-casting rod, but a precision instrument.

Given its incredibly affordable price tag, excellent action, and great feel, I’d highly recommend this rod to anyone looking for a new small water rod. The Tempt is also perfect for backpacking, given its very lightweight size.

Do you have any experience with this rod? A favorite of your own? Share your opinions in the comments, and share this post with your friends! 



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Fishing Gear Review: Redington Tempt Fly Rod