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Gear Review: Protect Your Hearing in Full Sound with the Impact Sport Electronic Earmuffs

Alex Burton

Honeywell’s Impact Sport electronic earmuffs offer outdoorsman stylish and comfortable hearing protection. 

Hearing loss is a rampant problem among hunters and range warriors. Blasting away without earmuffs or plugs causes irreversible hearing loss faster than one might think.

While any shooting range will require you to wear hearing protection, many forgo without any in the field. This is mainly due to the fact that we cannot hear game approach our stands or blinds.

Thanks to companies like Honeywell, we now have electronic earmuffs. These earmuffs are battery powered and work by using built in microphones that allow you to hear, but also shut down when they detect an unsafe decibel level.


The Impact Sport was designed by world renowned hearing protection specialist Howard Leight. Himself along with Honeywell’s Safety Products division have worked diligently to provide not only sportsmen, but industrial workers everywhere with numerous ways to help protect their hearing.

Honeywell recently sent me a pair to test out for myself for some feedback. As an avid hunter and shooter I gladly accepted.


  • Weight: 12.8 ounces
  • Dimensions: 4.5 x 8.5 x 8.5
  • Low profile ear cup design.
  • Dual microphones for stereo sound output.
  • Low-level sound amplification.
  • Auto shut off when sounds reach above 82 dB.
  • Four hour automatic power shut off.
  • Collapsible for compact storage.
  • Replaceable ear cushions.
  • Air Flow Control technology.
  • Heavy duty, non-deforming headband.
  • Headphone jack for plugging in MP3 player.
  • Runs up to 350 hours on 2 AAA batteries.
  • Available in multiple colors, including Mossy Oak Break Up.

The first thing I noticed upon receiving my pair was how sleek and light the design was. The cups are much slimmer than other earmuffs electronic or non that I own.

I was also very interested in the headphone jack as this was the first time I had ever seen this feature on a pair of earmuffs. I loved the idea of being able to listen to some tunes while unloading a few magazines at the range.

I was extremely happy to find the earmuffs not only came with batteries, but also a cable for plugging your phone or MP3 player into them.

Field Testing

I have have been using my Impact Sports exclusively for about 2 months now. I have used them at both indoor and outdoor shooting ranges and even got them out into the field during spring turkey and squirrel seasons here in Kentucky.

I have to say that they performed well above and beyond my expectations.

First of all they are extremely comfortable. My ears did not ever become sore even after hours of use while hunting. They are also light enough that you don’t even realize you have them on.

The slim cup design leaves you plenty of clearance when using long guns so they do not bump into the stock when looking down the sights. This is a issue I have with other earmuffs I own, especially when using iron sights.


The sound amplification was crisp and clear. I never once got any annoying popping or clicking noises from outside interference. With the sound dial turned on max and minimal wind you could probably hear a squirrel pass gas 100 yards out.

The same can be said for indoor ranges. I thought with the sounds of so many guns being shot off at once in such a closed space might give the mic a little feedback action. That worry was put to rest and they performed great while still allowing me to hold a conversation with my range buddy.

The microphones response time on high decibel noises was right on. Whether I was shooting my 9mm or my 30-06 the earmuffs drowned them out to no louder than a high powered air rifle the second I squeezed the trigger.

They also pick up sound from every direction, not just where you have your head turned. While out turkey hunting I had a deer walk up behind the tree I was leaning against. I could hear every step it took and knew it was coming from behind and not leaving me glancing off in every direction looking for it.


The battery saver feature saved me twice already. Once I didn’t click the dial all the way off, and the second it got switched on in my range bag. They turned themselves off each time and stopped me from burning through the batteries.

I was skeptical about how well the headphone jack would work, but it is actually really nifty. You can still hear everything going on around you, but with music playing in the background. The cable it comes with is long enough to reach down into your pockets without too much excess.

I honestly could not find anything really negative about the Impact Sport. They are well designed, tough, and clearly had sportsmen interest in mind. I would highly recommend them to any hunter or shooter as these are now my go to earmuff for protection when doing any form of shooting.

The Impact Sport is available through numerous outlets including Amazon, Bass Pro, and more. Prices range from around $50- $60 dollars depending on what color you pick them up in.

All photos via Alex Burton.


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Gear Review: Protect Your Hearing in Full Sound with the Impact Sport Electronic Earmuffs