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Gear Review: The Hook, Line, & Threader for Live and Artificial Baits [VIDEO]

All photos via Alex Burton

The Hook, Line, & Threader is a new and brilliant way to use both live and artificial baits while fishing for all types of species. 

While recently surfing around on the web for some new fishing gear I happen to stumble upon a video for a new product called the Hook, Line, & Threader. It showed a new way to easily set hooks into live baitfish and various soft plastic lures using a slim, needle like tool that went through them and pulled a hook securely back inside them.

On live baits this new process allowed them to be hooked virtually unharmed, keeping them alive for much longer. As an avid live bait user I had to try this new tool out for myself.

I contacted Hook, Line, & Threader and they graciously sent me their tool along with a full line-up of snelled hooks and a few pre-threaded artificial lures to try.

Product Specs

  • Threader is precision anodized from aircraft aluminum.
  • High visibility, orange bobber tip
  • Precision cut channel for snelled hook
  • Uniquely designed double pronged hooks specifically for the threader technique

How it works:

The process for hooking baitfish is extremely simple. The blue anodized threader slides into the fishes mouth, down their intestinal track, and out their back end.

The threader has a small notch on the end where the snelled hook clips in. You then simply pull the threader back through the fish which routes your line back out its mouth and then clip the loop of the line onto a swivel.

The hook can be left to dangle freely or pushed up inside the fish to make it weedless. Check out my demonstration in the video below.

Field Test

I tested the Hook, Line, & Threader on three different types of bait fish and every soft plastic lure I had in my tackle box. I am happy to say it performed flawlessly on everything I stuck the threader in.

Threading artificial lures over using a Carolina rig setup is probably going to be the way to go for me from now on.

I can’t begin to explain to you how much faster and easier it is to rig them up with the threader. The worms and crawdads in my opinion also looked to have a much more life-like presentation as they were pulled through the water.


To really test Hook, Line, and Threader’s technique on how much longer the fish could survive being hooked, I performed a simple test. I took three shiners from my bucket and hooked them each differently.

The first I used the threader, the second I hooked through the back, and the third I hooked through the mouth. I casted each out into the water for five-minute intervals before reeling them back in to see if they were still alive.

The shiner that was hooked through the mouth made it 15 minutes before the hooked ripped out of its bottom jaw and began to bleed out. The shiner hooked through its back made it 20 minutes before bleeding out.

The shiner that I used the threader on stayed alive the better part of an hour before a turtle finally took him out. After this test I will definitely vouch for the company that their system allows baitfish to stay alive longer than the traditional ways of hooking fish.

The only problem I ran into while using the threader was when it came down to minnows. The threader was slightly too big for their small size.

With a little work you can slip it in and out of them, but everyone I used apart from a few larger ones left them bleeding out quickly before they even made it into the water.

Products and Pricing

Their pricing is extremely reasonable for what you are getting, even if its just as a one-time purchase to try it out. Everything they offer can be purchased from their website.

Hook, Line, & Sinker offers a wide variety of various sized snelled and loose hooks specifically designed to be used with their threading system. The hooks range from #2 to #10, with the snelled hooks $4.99 for four, or you can purchase eight loose hooks for $3.99.

They also offer starter kits ranging from $15.99 to $11.95. It comes with their threader, loose or snelled hooks, and pre-threaded lures.

I have to say I am thoroughly impressed with what Hook, Line, & Threader has done. I had my doubts going in that the threader would kill the fish just as fast as any other method, but they proved me wrong.

I believe this is something that anyone who uses baitfish should definitely look into. I will be keeping mine in my tackle box from now on and can’t wait to see what else they can come up with.

For more information on the company or their products check out their website, Facebook, or Twitter.

All photos and videos taken by Alex Burton.

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Gear Review: The Hook, Line, & Threader for Live and Artificial Baits [VIDEO]