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Gear Review: Hilleberg Kaitum 3 GT Tent

The Hilleberg Kaitum 3 GT tent provides all-season performance without weighing you down.

If you are in the market for a new tent that is durable, lightweight, and loaded down with features, the Hilleberg Kaitum line is worth a look.

Available in both two and three-person models, these tube tents offer all-season protection for you and your gear, no matter how bad the weather gets.

Hilleberg 2

I had the opportunity to test the Kaitum 3 GT on a Virginia spring turkey hunt, a summer camping trip, and a late season flintlock whitetail hunt and was impressed with the tent's ability to function flawlessly in all of these environments.

The first thing I noticed when I received the tent from Hilleberg was how small and lightweight the package seemed. Could this little box really hold a three man tent? You bet it could! The Kaitum 3 GT offered a roomy interior and the dual vestibules were huge.

Hilleberg 4

Setup was easy. Simply insert the four DAD Featherlite poles and stake the tent down. No need to attach a separate rain fly. Both the inner and outer wall pop right up when the poles are inserted. With the addition of optional pole holders, the inner and outer tents can also be pitched separately.

If high winds are expected, anchor the ample guy lines and rest easy knowing that this shelter isn't going anywhere.

hilleberg 5

Aside from the roominess, lightweight, and ease of setup, the adjustability of the Hilleberg Kaitum allows users to cater the shelter to the conditions.

Expecting an 18-hour downpour like the one I had on my Virginia turkey hunt? No problem. Pull your gear inside the vestibules and ride the storm out in comfort. The zippers are covered with a weatherproof flap, keeping unwanted moisture outside the tent.

Hot weather making nap time toasty? Open the vents located on either end of the tent, unzip the fabric covering the mesh endwalls, and let the cool breeze move through.

Icy winds blowing across the winter landscape? Batten down the hatches and let the sturdy double walled construction insulate you from the cold. If the snow starts piling up, doors can be opened from the top down to keep it from spilling into your shelter.

Hilleberg 3

The Hilleberg Kaitum is perfect for outdoorsmen and women looking for a lightweight tent that can hold up to whatever is thrown at it. Whether you're heading out on a backcountry elk hunt, hitting the mountains to access remote high country lakes, or taking your kids on their first overnighter, the Kaitum will serve nicely.

With an MSRP of $995 for the two man and $1,095 for the three man, the Kaitum is an investment, but one that will last for years to come and keep you sheltered in the harshest conditions.

All images via Micah Sargent.

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Gear Review: Hilleberg Kaitum 3 GT Tent