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Gear Review: 2 Reasons Why Palm Coolers Are Worth Considering

Quality Coolers

Outdoor enthusiasts are finding value in well-insulated and durable coolers for good reason. 

I've always been a skeptic to expensive coolers. Are premium coolers really that much better? Well, I finally broke down and got my hands on a cooler from Palm Coolers. When I was rationalizing my decisions, I had two ideas in mind.

1. Preserve your game or beverages longer.

You've saved up for a fishing trip over the last two years and the last thing any fisherman wants is for their fresh fish to spoil. Quality coolers like, Palm Coolers, helps avoid this dilemma.

Palm Coolers
Jake Hofer

2. Ice is more expensive than you think.

When I started to conduct this ice test, I bought two 20-pound bags of ice. The total came to about ten dollars. My Palm cooler kept my contents cold for around six days in a pretty toasty environment. I'm confident in saying a less insulated cooler wouldn't harness the same results and would need fresh ice more frequent.

With those reasons in mind, I wanted to test out Palm Cooler's 45-liter ice chest. When arriving, I was really excited of the look and feel of the cooler. I went with the glacier white color, because it will naturally absorb less light and stay cooler longer.

After getting the product, I decided to do a ice test and to gain an understanding of how well insulated my Palm Cooler really was.

Bottom Line

Quality coolers have a bigger sticker price, but they last longer and keep the contents colder longer. Outdoorsman will save money and have more convenient trips as frequently having to restock ice becomes a chore on most hunting or fishing trips.

I truly feel a Palm Cooler will go neck and neck with other premium coolers, like Yeti Coolers. The biggest difference, however, is that Palm Coolers are simply more affordable.

For more information and to view all of Palm Cooler's selection, visit Palm Coolers and check out their Facebook page for special offers.


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Gear Review: 2 Reasons Why Palm Coolers Are Worth Considering