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9 Pieces of Winter Gear Every Outdoorsman Needs

These picks for winter gear will keep you warm, comfortable, and well supplied.

Take it or leave it, winter comes every year. Sometimes it isn’t so bad, and sometimes it is.

What we want to do it make sure you’re prepared, and have any and every gadget, essential, and latest smart choices that will keep you doing what you love during the winter.

So if you’re looking to stock up and have the sort of things you’ve known you’ve always needed (and probably some you didn’t), then this list is for you.

1. Hunting Buddy Portable Heater


Whether you need it for an ice fishing shack, a winter camping trip, or just warming your toes after a snow-filled hike, a portable heater like this Hunting Buddy, available at, is a major advantage. The camo pattern is an added bonus.

2. Bomber Hat


A Mad Bomber Rabbit Fur Hat is just the thing for battling cold winter winds when you’re checking tip-ups or chopping wood. Since it’s camo, you can obviously use it for late season hunts as well. It has a thick quilted crown lining, so it’ll resist wear and tear while keeping your head toasty.

3. Camo Sunglasses


Don’t let the cold sway you from thinking sunglasses aren’t vital in the winter. Especially after a fresh white snow, the glare of a sunny day can be brutal. These Edge Kohr camo shades from are just the thing, plus they’re polarized and will help if you’re fishing, too.

4. Fishing Gloves


Just because it’s 30 degrees doesn’t mean you have to skip that fish run you’ve eyed all season. Simms Freestone Foldover Mitts will do wonders in keeping your digits warm and dry while still giving you full use. Don’t let cold, non-responsive hands be the cause of that missed strike.

5. Heated Socks


Definitely not your grandpa’s wool, these Cabela’s Heated Performance Socks use microwire technology and a rechargeable battery to send heat to the bottoms of your feet. One minor drawback: the batteries need to stay dry to work, so a little caution is needed but well worth it.

6. Rechargeable Headlamp


Foxelli is a new-to-the-market outdoor gear company whose headlamps show promise in their upcoming releases of more products. The MX500 280 lumen headlamp has all the features you’ve always wanted to come standard, like an adjustable lens that not only tweaks the beam, but the body itself can be angled up or down to illuminate exactly what you need it to. It’s perfect for anything from a nighttime ice fishing session to a winter jog at dusk.

7. Boot Dryer


There’s nothing worse than soaking a pair of boots in snow or cold water during a day in the great outdoors, then not being able to wear them again the next morning because they’re still wet. Solve the issue for good with a Peet Boot and Wader Dryer, like the one available at Cabela’s. It plugs into any normal outlet, and comes with a 25-year warranty.

8. Camp Mug


Stanley’s Classic Vacuum Camp Mug adds modern tech to a timeless look and trustworthy name. An integrated D-ring allows it to be clipped to packs or belts, and the leak-resistant lid should hold up if you’re hiking or casting. Oh, and it’ll keep coffee hot for two and a half hours.

9. The Ripsaw EV-2

We can dream, can’t we?


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9 Pieces of Winter Gear Every Outdoorsman Needs