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Gear-Box 3G: 3 Gun Competitors Dream Come True

Pack your firearms faster and get to the range quicker with Gear-Box.

Lockable storage, pistol compartments, long gun slots, and plenty of space for additional items, the Gear-Box 3G is definitely the sturdiest way to travel with your competition gear. The box is definitely customizable and can fit all of your must haves for when your headed out to make it rain lead.

The Gear-Box 3G has wheels  attached to the bottom of the crate so that you can easily wheel it around on off-road ranges or areas with no paved surfaces. The wheels also allow for easy storage for those who have pick up trucks and now the value of rollable storage in the bed of a truck.

A functional table is built into the 3G so that you can easily prep for the shoot, or clean and disassemble after the competition is done. Often times we lug around a table and our shooting equipment but with this crate its all combined in the box itself.


Being able to keep organized while shooting is as critical while working at your regular job. I know I personally have many small items that I use while in the field and being able to dump them back into a quick storage spot is very useful.


Also protecting sensitive items like spotting scopes and binoculars in a crushproof box is something that I look for when looking for ruggedized containers to take to the range. Stay safe, get organized and keep training.


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Gear-Box 3G: 3 Gun Competitors Dream Come True