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Gator in the Road Brings SC Rep. to a Halt [VIDEO]

Check out the size of this gator in the road!

South Carolina Rep. Wendell Gilliard was able to video this alligator crossing the road this past Sunday afternoon.

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Rep. Gilliard reported that he had gone to the Sandy Island boat landing and drove up on this scene as he was leaving the dock area.
WCBD-TV: News, Weather, and Sports for Charleston, SC

I spoke with Heather Lippet from the Georgetown County Sheriff's office. While unsure of the exact location the reptile was spotted, she believed it to "possibly be somewhere in the Murells Inlet and Holly Island area."

While the exact size of the animal is unknown, judging by the amount of road it's taking up, I'm wagering a non-expert guess of at least 12 feet.

This place looks like the bee's knees to a swamp lover like me. The next time I'm out in that neck of the woods I plan to make it a definite stop, but no swimming for sure. 

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For information about the historic and beautiful Sandy island area can be found here.

This story was originally sent to WCBD in Charleston, N.C.

Gilliard added in his communication with the news station, "I see why the people on Sandy Island need a ferry boat instead of having to use only small boats to go on and off the island." Me too...

Ever been to this area? What's the biggest gator you have ever seen in person in the wild? Leave your comments below.

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Gator in the Road Brings SC Rep. to a Halt [VIDEO]