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Gator Hunting: The Thrill in the 'Off Season'

The following is a sponsored post from Captain Kevin Brotz and the team at Get Bit Outdoors. You can read about the company's homemade fishing rod supplies and kits here.

Looking for an exciting hunt in the 'off season?' Need the perfect gift for yourself or the hunter in your life?  Then it's time to go gator hunting with Get Bit Outdoors!

The thrill of hunting an alligator is second to none. Whether you are a serious hunter or never hunted a day in your life, gator hunting is a rush for everyone! There is nothing that compares to playing tug of war with a 700-pound dinosaur, these beasts are tough! They command the respect that they deserve.


The anticipation that takes place during an extreme game of cat and mouse as you spot and stalk your way to the trophy of a lifetime is something that everyone needs to experience. Whether we are slipping through the river or easing through the lake, we are almost always moving, making this an adventure for all ages and an awesome experience for the whole family.

After you've bagged and tagged your trophy, the options are endless. Gator meat is great table fare, and who doesn't want to share gator bites with their buddies? Tanning your gator hide provides gorgeous garment-grade leather for wallets, boots, belts, a purse for the wife or anything else you can dream up. A mounted gator head is an awesome way to remember your hunt and for those who have room, a life size mount for your show room is a sure jaw dropper.

Get Bit Outdoors offers guaranteed year-round alligator hunts on both private and public land, with no extra trophy fees. We'll gladly cater to first timers, corporate groups, families, trophy hunters, and anyone else who loves adventure. We guarantee success and will do what it takes to make this a trip you will never forget.

Check out this highlight reel to get a better idea of what a gator hunt is truly like.

Alligators are highly regulated with only a small number of tags available each year. With the popularity of 'Swamp People' and shows like it now on TV, you need to act fast to reserve your tag. If you aren't sure of the date that you want to hunt, a small deposit holds your tag for when you are ready.

A Gator Hunt Gift Certificate would be a great surprise for anyone on your holiday shopping list, and can be emailed in a moment's notice.

And for a limited time, I'm offering up a Wide Open Spaces freebie! If you book before December 25, 2013, you'll receive a free DVD of your hunt. Wild hog hunts can be added as a great addition to your hunt as well.


When deer, elk, and most other game are out of season, fill the gap with a trophy gator hunt that you will never forget!

To book a trip or to find out more, call 407-542-7840 or email me personally at [email protected] with any questions.

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Gator Hunting: The Thrill in the 'Off Season'