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Gator Chases Kids in Florida Neighborhood


Juvenile gator finds its way into a designated play area for children and begins to chase the kids.

Just another day at the park for the young’ns: down the slide, across the monkey bars, dodge the live 5-foot gator. Wait…what?

Yes, a 5-foot wild alligator found its way into a play area and started chasing kids in a Florida neighborhood. That is something that would add a whole new level of thrill to your park experience.

Although 5 feet seems small for an alligator, that is still big enough to cause some serious damage, especially to children. Brenda Mike was there to witness the terrifying scene and said the gator showed some aggression when she threw her barbecue sauce cup at it. Needless to say, it snapped at it and led her to believe it would have at the children if given the opportunity.

WBRC FOX6 News – Birmingham, AL

Mike was the citizen who called the authorities, at which point Martin County Deputy Jason Hickman responded and quickly headed to the scene. By the time he arrived, the danger had already reduced, and the gator had found its way back into a body of water located near the play area.

In this case, the curiosity of this gator (rather than its size) was the biggest concern. At such a young age, gators are much more likely to check things out and get close to humans.

Hickman later called a trapper, who proceeded to help him tape the gator’s mouth shut before the trapper relocated the juvenile gator to a gator farm in Okeechobee County, Florida

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Gator Chases Kids in Florida Neighborhood