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Gatling Gun + 1,000 20mm Rounds = Damn Good Time

Get a close look at an F-15 resupply featuring a gatling gun with a thousand 20mm rounds.

In this video, airmen from the USAF load a gatling gun into an F-15 Eagle with powerful ammo and huge missiles. Watch as they use machines to load these planes up with enough firepower to level an entire small village.

Can you image what it would be like to shoot one of those through a handgun? It would probably take your arm off.

This crew was doing a large-scale training exercise. They used machinery to load those missiles and get the rounds into the plane.

The only thing missing from this video is a demonstration of the destructive capabilities of the missiles and gatling gun ammo. However, you have to appreciate the beauty of loading up an F-15 with ammunition.


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Gatling Gun + 1,000 20mm Rounds = Damn Good Time