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Gardening With A Shotgun [VIDEO]

Are you tired of planting your garden the old-fashioned way?

Try blasting seeds into the ground. Who wouldn't want to do some gardening with a shotgun come Springtime?

ST Development, a Scandinavian company, is developing a new gardening ammunition called Flower Shells. The 12-gauge shotgun shells are loaded with flower seeds.

The idea is simple: blast several seeds into the ground with one shot. Here's a video demonstration of the poppy shell:

The shells are available in 12 different seed varieties: daisy, poppy, sunflower, clematis, columbine, lavender, sweet pea, lupine, carnation, peony, and a variety of wildflowers. Each shell has a reduced amount of gun powder to make room for the seeds. Imagine not worrying about individual seeds, and saving your back with no need to bend over. Gardening with a shotgun could be a revolutionary new movement.

Check out another shotgun gardening technique.

ST Development is working on a number of other eccentric projects, including a flying carpet, a rocking chair that can power an iPhone and a flying lamp. We're not kidding.


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Gardening With A Shotgun [VIDEO]