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Garbage Truck Converted to Naval Ship RV? Hell Yes! [VIDEO]

This naval ship RV has enough room for a family of five and it’s one of a kind.

Retired naval architect Doug Cuthbert’s “vessel” is built like a boat and has the size to prove it. Using the chassis of a Workstar 7500 garbage truck, he put together one of the world’s most unique vehicles for the ultimate family vacation.

This is the story of one man’s RV build of a lifetime:

The 2,100-watt solar energy system makes this RV one of the most self-sufficient vehicles to grace the roads. The fully automatic Cummins turbo-diesel engine is 350 horsepower that just screams, “let’s go camping!”

This naval ship RV is loaded with extras like a 360-gallon water tank, diesel-fired fire place, king-sized bed, and below deck staterooms. Its 38 feet long, weighs 34,000 pounds, and can cruise through two feet of water.

It’s an amazing feat of building prowess and would be a pleasure to use; I just wonder how much beer it holds.

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Garbage Truck Converted to Naval Ship RV? Hell Yes! [VIDEO]