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Gang of Angry Turkeys Terrorizes Massachusetts Town

Imagine trying to get in your car on a cold snowy day, only to have a band of wild angry turkeys chase you away.

ABC News reported that's what's been happening in the town of Mansfield, Massachusetts where three turkey attacks have been reported over the last three weeks. Now, town officials are saying if another attack occurs, they will capture and possibly euthanize the angry turkeys.

"There are four of them that are being the problem children," animal control officer Jeff Collins told "They've stopped several people."

In November, the angry turkeys blocked people from entering a local bank. Earlier this week, the angry birds chased a man trying to get in his car down a street. Police were dispatched to the scene, but the angry turkeys did not respect his authority.

MORE ANGRY TURKEYS: Check out this video of a thuggish turkey that won't let a UPS driver make his delivery.

"He was saying, 'They were coming at me. I was trying to stand my ground and they weren't having any of it,'" said Collins.

Apparently, when a person stops in the face of an angry turkey, the bird will take that move as a sign of fear and weakness and try to charge the person. Collins estimates the turkeys to each weigh about 25 pounds. Their sharp talons can cause severe injuries.

Here's the ABC News video:

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A hunter's solution: blast the angry turkeys away with a shotgun like this.

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Gang of Angry Turkeys Terrorizes Massachusetts Town