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Gamping: Camping in People's Yards Could Be the Next Big Thing

Camping has been around forever. Glamping, or "glamorous camping," has surfaced over the past few years. Now, there is Gamping... Camping in gardens. was launched in April of 2013 and is now making a splash in the travel world. According to their website, " propose you to book a plot at someone's home anywhere in the world, or earn some money by renting out your own land." Yeah, they're French so their grammar is a bit rusty.

gampingGamping is similar to Airbnb, and the website interface is almost identical. People post their private homes, in this case, lawns or gardens, to be rented out.

On the Gamping homepage, you can specify the place where you want to camp. The site lets you choose if you want to camp near swimming pools, the seaside, motorhomes, mountains, islands or beautiful residences. The host includes in the post if their space has any amenities, like toilets, a swimming pool, barbecue etc.

Gampers then contact the host and, like Airbnb, the rest of the exchange is private. There are "gamp" sites posted in 25 countries from Australia to Uruguay that range from $8-15.

The site includes reviews of gamping customers. One gamper says, "Gamping is camping without the inconveniences of camping. It's the perfect compromise for the modern world." Currently, the sites are pretty sparse, but I think this could get big with the next hip, traveling youth on a budget who wants to try something new.

Gamping's mission is:

By opening up millions of privately owned plots of land, we hope to
make the world more accessible to us all. In addition to creating a
connection between people, we want to reconnect with nature and
core values.

And, you know what, if it gets people outside, even if it's a lawn, then it's a good thing.

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Would you ever try gamping?

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Gamping: Camping in People's Yards Could Be the Next Big Thing