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Gamo Outdoors USA Hosts First Annual Squirrel Master Classic

Who wouldn’t want to join in on something called the Squirrel Master Classic?

Gamo Outdoors USA is hosting the first annual Squirrel Master Classic, in partnership with Buckmasters, which is set to kick off Wednesday in Montgomery, Al.

A news release stated that the two-day Classic is a hunting competition/TV event to merge the “best of the best” in average hunters and hunting personalities from TV shows with Gamo executives and distributors, and media editors. After being split into teams, they will compete in a first of its kind All Star squirrel hunting competition. They’ll be shooting air rifles and going for bust on the bushy-tailed varmints.

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The classic is set to air on TV in the spring and is being planned as a yearly tournament.

The Gamo Prostaff present will be Jackie Bushman from “Buckmasters,” “Bone Collector” Shawn Michaels, Keith Mark from “MRA Hunting,” Keith Warren from the “High Road,” “Addicted to the Outdoors” stars Jon and Gina, Doug Koenig and Brian “PigMan” Quaca.

“We are excited to present The Squirrel Master Classic as a new competition that Gamo has put together with the aim of becoming the annual competition for all the squirrel hunting and air gunners’ enthusiasts,” Jordi Riera, Director of Marketing of Gamo Outdoor USA, said in the news release. “The competition goal is to showcase the latest and greatest in Gamo technology, display the principles of hunting with air rifles, while having fun with all the Gamo Prostaff members. We expect the Squirrel Master Classic to become an event that everyone will wait for year after year.”

Can you see squirrel hunting on TV ever being as popular as other game hunting shows?

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Gamo Outdoors USA Hosts First Annual Squirrel Master Classic