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Gamers Reenact Max Payne’s Slow-Mo Dive Shots [VIDEO]

Max Payne

These gamers attempt Max Payne’s slow motion dive shots in real life.

In the eponymous video game, Max Payne has the ability to leap out into the air and drop multiple enemies before landing on the ground. Thanks to slow motion capabilities, the player has ample time to lock on and pull the trigger.

Is this possible in real life? Maybe not, but it looks like a lot of fun!

A group of gamers from the Node YouTube channel decided to put their own skills to the test. Using airsoft guns, they leapt out into the air and tried to pop as many balloons as possible before hitting the ground.

I would love to try this someday! These guys might not be trained sharpshooters, and they certainly didn’t have to deal with the recoil of a live firearm, but they did pretty well.

I think every gun owner has the fantasy of pulling a drop shot on a bad guy. Well, until they actually begin training with their firearms and realize it’s a silly idea after all.

I guess we’ll just leave these things up to fictional guys like Max Payne and the characters from “The Matrix.”

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Gamers Reenact Max Payne’s Slow-Mo Dive Shots [VIDEO]