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Game Wardens at Work: What Would You Do? [VIDEO]

A couple of game wardens come across some suspicious behavior during the Maine deer season.

Watch the video to see what you would have done if you were one of these game wardens and how they handled the situation.

Well, what would have been your decision?

If you ask me, these game wardens let this guy off easy on this one. A slug in the chamber is pretty indisputable evidence of the hunter’s intentions.

Many hunters, particularly those who don’t follow the rules, tend to view game wardens as the enemy. We need to remember that these guys are out there performing a valuable service protecting the animals we love to hunt.

Game laws are in place for a reason and game wardens play a vital role by enforcing them.

Hunters should strive to follow all game laws and be punished accordingly if they fail to do so.

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Game Wardens at Work: What Would You Do? [VIDEO]