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A Game Recovery System for Bowhunters [VIDEO]


Never lose another deer to a cold blood trail again with the most innovative game recovery system available to bowhunters.

You know that sinking feeling when the blood trail that you’ve been on runs cold? It’s probably one of the worst feelings that any hunter can ever experience.

You’ve scouted for months, cleared land and planted food plots, practiced daily for the perfect shot, only to be left standing at a dead end, until now.


The Game Vector Recovery System is one of the most innovative game recovery devices available to bowhunters today. Its unique design allows for a transmitter to be attached directly to the arrow and upon impact attaches to the hide of the animal. Once the receiver is powered on, it instantly begins sourcing the location of the transmitter up to two miles away.

With its extremely aerodynamic design, the Game Vector is made to assist in game recovery and not hinder arrow performance. For more information on arrow trajectory tests with the Game Vector, click here.

Sometimes shot placement isn’t perfect, and sometimes blood trails just seem to run cold. Avoid losing the trophy of a lifetime and check out the Game Vector Recovery System.

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A Game Recovery System for Bowhunters [VIDEO]