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‘Game Of Inches’ Shows Two Sides of Deer Season [VIDEO]

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Hunting is a Game Of Inches, and if you love the hunt you will love this short film.

Game of Inches is a short film from Rockhouse Motion. The 20-minute film follows two hunters as they prepare for the whitetail deer hunting season.

One is a bowhunter who is looking for a trophy buck, the other hunts with a rifle and is trying to put meat in the freezer. Check out the amazing results of their work in the video below.

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While Game of Inches is not exactly what I expected based on the fact that the two hunters appear to be polar opposites, it does do a great job of getting any hunter pumped for deer season.

Whether you hunt with a bow, rifle, shotgun, muzzleloader, or anything else, you can relate to the passion that these two men have for hunting.

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‘Game Of Inches’ Shows Two Sides of Deer Season [VIDEO]