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3 Intelligent Ways to Gain an Edge When You're Stuck Bank Fishing

It doesn't always have to be a pain when you're stuck bank fishing. Check out these tips.

Face it, you're jealous of your boat and kayak buddies, who just seem to be out on the water nailing them each and every weekend. You're jealous because you're left with dry feet and a spot on the shore or the dock, and there's nothing you can do about it.

Now hang on a minute, there actually are some things you can do. You could buy a boat, but yeah, we get it, that's not always in the cards. What are you supposed to do to give yourself an edge when you're stuck on dry land but still want to catch some fish?

Catch on to these three pointers, and you'll likely start catching more fish when you put them to good use. And don't forget to check out Cabela's Tackle Shop when it's time to gear up for your next fishing session.

1. Have the right gear

Making sure you're well-equipped to execute the kind of fishing you'll need to do while on the bank is step number one. A sturdy, medium action pole will do nicely, and a spinning reel or baitcasting reel will both work equally as well with the correct intentions and usage.

Don't forget a bank fishing rod holder, which can add multiple levels of efficiency and give you a chance of increasing your chances at a catch.

2. Read the water

It's easier said than done, but reading water from the bank is possible. Look for overhanging trees and cover, as well as the likelihood of underwater structure, vegetation, and especially baitfish.

bearded man in a blue baseball cap on the river throws a spinning fishing

Fishing from the bank of a river may involve more on-foot movement than a pond or lake, but in either case, be ready to hike a bit if needed. That's one major disadvantage that a bank fisherman has underneath a boater, because they obviously have a far smaller region of water to work with.

Be aware of property lines and access rules, and don't push it if you aren't sure, but if you're ready to move and have somewhat portable gear, you're gong to find more fish, period.

3. Don't be afraid to use some tech

You're bass boat owning friend hovers over his electronics like they're the telling the gospel of fishing, but you actually can use some advanced developments in the fishfinder world that are just as useful to a bank fisherman than anyone else.


Check out the Deeper Smart Portable Fishfinder, which uses wireless sonar to connect to an app on a smartphone or tablet, creating depth and underwater structure reports. Think about how useful it will be when you can cast the thing underneath bridges, docks, and embankments.

Now that you've been inspired, don't let the bank get you down. Hopefully you'll cash in and won't be so intimidated after you start reeling them in.


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3 Intelligent Ways to Gain an Edge When You're Stuck Bank Fishing