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Double Take: 8 Gadgets That Are Actually Concealed Guns

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Since the creation of firearms, people have been trying to find stealthy ways to conceal them.

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The ability to be able to carry a weapon in a stealthy manner is something that has been around since before the days of the Wild West, where it was most popular. Various people and companies have really rolled up their sleeves to come up with some crazy but effective ways to do this. Not all of these may be exactly practical, but they are still really cool.

Scroll down to see eight really stealthy concealed guns.

KVAR .22 caliber Knife


Kvar released these at the 2014 SHOT Show. It is a fixed blade knife with a .22 revolver hidden inside the handle. The trigger flips out form the side and fires through a small hole near the base of the blade.

Victorian Era Cane Shotgun


This seemingly ordinary cane from the Victorian era is actually a .410 shotgun. If beating ruffians of the time with it doesn't work, just hold it up and scatter him with lead.

Curiosa Railroad Pocket Watch Pistol



This antique Curiosa Railroad pocket watch holds a hidden 3mm pistol. The winder acts as the barrel with a small button below as the trigger.

BGS Shotgun Flashlight


Truth About Guns

This flashlight made by CSG conceals the ability to shoot one .410 shotgun shell. To fire it you pull a safety pin, then slide a small button back to cock it. After release the shell will fire. Don't know how safe that really is, but still pretty cool.

Stinger Pen Pistol



This interesting idea was made by Stinger. It was available as a .22 LR, .22 Mag, .25 ACP, .32 ACP or .380 ACP single shot weapon. Just pull this pen from your pocket and when the robber laughs bend it into a gun. Pull the trigger and run.

See it in action here.

Stinger .22 Camera Gun



This camera produced by Stinger was made to work with their .22 pen gun seen in the last slide. It was developed for the C.I.A. during their 007 days of the Cold War. The pen slide inside the lens to be fired from an unsuspecting photographer. Numerous versions of these were made by the KGB as well.

Zippo 6mm Pistol


Geeky Gadgets

This rare little beauty fires 6mm bullets that are carried around to look like extra flints. The barrel is hidden where the wick would be. It it triggered by pushing down on the flint wheel. I'd be really afraid of shooting my finger off with the trigger that close to the barrel though.

FMG-9 SMG Flashlight


Defense Review

Meet the FMG9 created by MagPul. This is a 9mm SMG that folds away to look like a ordinary, box flashlight. It is still in prototype stage and has been for years.

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Double Take: 8 Gadgets That Are Actually Concealed Guns