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G2 Research Announces New Powerful Ammunition: Ripout Round

G2 Research

G2 Research is happy to announce the new and powerful subsonic Ripout Round for hunting and tactical use. 

The brand new subsonic .300 AAC Blackout-caliber round, officially dubbed Ripout Round, is the latest and greatest ammunition available from G2 Research.

G2 Research insists the Ripout Round will have devastatingly powerful effectiveness to make quick kills in the field without spoiling all the precious meat.

The subsonic, premium grade, 200-gram, .30 caliber round quickly expands at reduced speeds and creates a wound channel of one-inch or greater. Bullet weight reduction for the Ripout Round is an amazing 98-100 percent and has been documented to penetrate soft tissue up to 17 inches deep. Initially manufactured in highly specialized CNC machines, each bullet is made to open up with in one to two inches of impact. This results in a controlled expansion of three large copper petals (tridents) which make up the first half of the Ripout Round.

G2 Research national sales manager Chirs Nix spoke of the Ripout Round and its effectiveness; “If the idea is to put the animal down efficiently, quickly and humanely without over-penetration and vaporizing good eating meat, our .300 Blackout Ripout Round, with its unique three copper petal controlled expanding bullet, gets that job done.”

More from G2 Research here.

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G2 Research Announces New Powerful Ammunition: Ripout Round