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FYI, There’s No Fishing in Olympic Toilets

Athletes in Sochi need to pay attention to the rules: no fishing in Olympic toilets.

Sebastien Toutant is a Canadian snowboarder, and his recent arrival in Sochi for the Olympic Games is being documented, like many others, via Twitter.

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In this day and age, we can expect to see just about anything from athletes’ social media accounts, from training updates to food snapshots to the utterly ridiculous.

Toutant’s recent tweet from Sochi falls into that last category, as he shared the bathroom rules posted on the wall, presumably at the Olympic Village.

The bizarre sign suggested that standing on, getting sick in and fishing are by no means allowed in the toilets.

We’re not exactly sure why athletes would need to be reminded of such a rule, but then again, perhaps they’ve been influenced by the recent phenomenon of sewer fishing.

The Olympics begin in Sochi, Russia this Thursday, February 7 with the Opening Ceremonies.

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FYI, There’s No Fishing in Olympic Toilets