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Florida FWC Makes Announcement on Red Drum Bag Limit

red drum bag limit

The Florida FWC gets its point across in a recent announcement of the red drum bag limit.

The recent announcement by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) stated that the current red drum bag limit will remain at one fish per person.

In May, the official bag limit changed from two fish to one and was said to be temporary; however, the FWC has now adopted the change as a rule at a meeting in St. Augustine.

The red drum limit has always been a popular topic among anglers. Ever since the net ban was passed, conservation of the red drum in Florida has been a continuous focus, and strategies are constantly evolving in order to maintain safe populations of fish throughout the state.

The new bag limit is said to be a “long-term conservation measure.” Florida’s red drum fisheries continue to be of high economic and social value to people operating businesses along the coasts; in fact, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission says it has received concerns from stakeholders stating that red drum populations have declined in parts of the state’s panhandle since 2013.

While the rule will remain changed for the foreseeable future, the bag limit in the Northeast Red Drum Management Zone (Flagler to Nassau Counties) will remain at two. FWC says that all the other red drum regulations are going to stay the same for now, including the eight-fish vessel limit.


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Florida FWC Makes Announcement on Red Drum Bag Limit