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Aerial Stalking: Minicopter Meets Roe Deer [VIDEO]

Minicopter approaches deer

Have you ever thought about stalking roe deer with a minicopter for your next hunt?

At least one guy has used his minicopter to get some great footage of a roe deer. The operator of the minicopter watched from just outside of his house as the deer fed in a newly-mowed hay field.

The golden hour lights the scene with a rich warm glow. Instead of running away in fear, the deer has a surprising reaction to the flying intruder.


The scene definitely makes me wonder if you could use a minicopter to accomplish your scouting for the next big hunt. Most of all though, I am shocked that the deer does not run away when the machine gets close. At least one thing is for sure though, this beats a game camera for entertainment value. You can have fun both operating the minicopter and viewing the footage afterwards.

Unfortunately, I will have to stick to a game camera because I think the deer in my area are too skittish to use a minicopter. Also, check if it’s legal because in some states using drones to hunt does not fly.

Interestingly enough, this is not the first case of a brave roe deer. Perhaps it runs in their genes.


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Aerial Stalking: Minicopter Meets Roe Deer [VIDEO]