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World’s First 3D Printed Metal Guns Now For Sale

The public now has a chance to get their hands on the world’s first 3D printed metal gun.

Solid Concepts, an Austin, Texas based company, has announced they are selling 100 limited editions of their 3D-printed metal gun.

The pistol is based on the popular 1911 model, a standard issue sidearm for US Armed forces during the twentieth century. Solid Concepts will sell 100 limited editions of their 3D printed 1911 for the cool price of $11,900.

What makes this pistol so special? Aside from being the world’s first 3D printed metal gun, it’s made using a state-of-the-art printing process called Metal Laser Sintering. A machine loaded with specs of the gun’s parts prints out layers of 17-4 Stainless Steel and Iconcel 625, a nickel-chromium alloy. Upload the specs, push start and voila, you’ve got everything needed to assemble a functioning 1911 pistol. Well, it’s a little more complicated then that. Here’s a video demonstration of the technology:

And another video of all the gun in action, along with its individual parts:

Each completed handgun is hand polished and test fired with 100 rounds. Solid Concepts is offering buyers of the historic new firearm an opportunity to see where the gun is printed in Austin, and a chance to join the company’s engineers to test fire the first pistols on their range.

Interested in specs? The gun weighs 2.25 pounds empty with no magazine. It has a width of 1.3 inches, and a trigger pull of five pounds. The sight is a standard GI with square notch rear, with a radius is 6.4 inches.

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World’s First 3D Printed Metal Guns Now For Sale