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Future Hunter-Gatherer: A Foraging Video Game [VIDEO]

A new idea for a video game is putting hunting on a whole new level- a virtual one. 

Finalist for the Elecrolux Design Competition, Pan Wang, has created a video game where you can virtually hunt what you eat for dinner. Called Future Hunter-Gatherer, the game projects holograms of fish, chicken, or game on the wall. The game is then “caught” and an order to the local market is then sent in to be delivered.

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Wang wants this potential game to an educational experience that teaches kids about where their food comes from. The game is yet to be manufactured as Wang is waiting on partnering with markets and grocery stores.

Wang says she was inspired by “the hunter-gatherer period where people had a closer connection to what they ate.”

Although it isn’t as good as the real thing maybe it will inspire kids to go catch their own dinner outside.

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Future Hunter-Gatherer: A Foraging Video Game [VIDEO]