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What Is the Furry Giant Ball in This Tree? [VIDEO]

furry giant ball

When you first look at this video you’ll wonder what the furry giant ball is in this tree; when you see what it actually is you’ll freak.

If you were walking through the woods and stumbled onto a furry giant ball in a tree would you be willing to walk up and touch it?

I can’t say that I would, especially after seeing what this furry giant ball actually was.

It turns out that the ball was a giant cluster of granddaddy-long-leg spiders (scientifically known as Opiliones). They were found close to a stream in Nogales, Arizona and, though we don’t know exactly why they bunch up like this, we can guess that it’s either for warmth or for protection.

Happily, even though the bunch was disturbed, the videographer reports that the spiders soon re-gathered on the ground somewhere nearby. If spiders don’t bother you then you will probably find this video to be really amazing.

If spiders freak you out, you will probably have nightmares about this video.

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What Is the Furry Giant Ball in This Tree? [VIDEO]