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The Hilarious Fishing Prank That Works Every Time [VIDEO]

There is an unwritten law that when you're fishing on a boat with other guys, a prank must be pulled.

Lord only knows how many pranks my buddies and I have played on each other while out fishing. No matter what the prank was, the simple ones always seem to be the funniest.

The guys at Reel Time with Florida Sportsmen, base their show around watching fishing reports posted to their site from regional fisherman. If they like what's going on in your area, they will pack up their boat and gear, pick you up, and take you out to that area to go fishing with them. They film the whole trip for their episodes.

It can't be all serious all the time, though. Check out this funny prank they pulled on a fisherman they picked to head out with on an upcoming episode.

This is a very simple (And still hilarious) prank to pull on your buddies next time you are out fishing. I guarantee it will be good for a few laughs every time. Just make sure whoever you do it to is a good sport or you may be going swimming.

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The Hilarious Fishing Prank That Works Every Time [VIDEO]