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Funny Fishing Fails From Fishing Legend Bill Dance [VIDEO]

Ready for a good laugh?

You’ll enjoy these bloopers from fishing icon Bill Dance’s long-running show Bill Dance Outdoors.

Dance has been hosting the program since it first aired back in 1968. Over the years, his camera crews have captured some priceless outtakes.

Dance is an icon of the American sport-fishing world. His signature look- a Tennessee Vols baseball cap, aviator shades and blue jeans – along with his expertise and friendly, good ol’ boy personality have made him an enduring television personality.

Here’s some of the classic outtakes from his show.

Some of them might have been staged, but they’re funny nonetheless.

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Dance is a retired professional tournament angler, who originally planned on being a doctor, but decided to pursue fishing instead. His show Bill Dance Outdoors has been one of the most popular fishing programs on TV. The hour-long show usually focuses on a specific fishing topic and includes tips and tricks and celebrity appearances – Terry Bradshaw and Jerry Reed, to name a few.

Bill Dance Outdoors currently airs on the NBC Sports Network.

Want to see more Bill Dance Bloopers? Share your thoughts in the comments section. 

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Funny Fishing Fails From Fishing Legend Bill Dance [VIDEO]