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Waking Up in a Woodpile: Ingenious Camping Prank [VIDEO]

Camping with friends can lead to mischief. Take a look at this funny camping prank to see what might just happen to you the next time you go camping.

Camping allows you to free yourself from the daily grind. Most groups camp to enjoy the peace and quiet of the outdoors while letting their hair down. Camping with friends can be the best time of your life, sharing the fun, laughter and relaxation with one another.

Camping can also bring out the jokester in you, if the opportunity presents itself.

Just look at what happens to this guy who's had a few too many, making him an easy target for this funny camping prank.

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Leave it to your good friends to humiliate you while you're passed out drunk. After all, that's what friends are for.

We're glad to see the guy wake from his alcohol-induced slumber and take the prank pretty well.

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Waking Up in a Woodpile: Ingenious Camping Prank [VIDEO]