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The Funniest Shark Video You Will Ever See [VIDEO]

Get ready to see the ocean in a whole new way, and laugh your butt off, thanks to this shark video.

In this video, Alexander the Swell will help you think of sharks in a whole new way. His hilarious expressions of what different sharks might sound like if they could talk are too good to miss. If this shark video doesn't make you laugh, then we aren't sure what will.

WARNING: The video contains some strong language.

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For anyone who is afraid of sharks, this video should go a long way towards alleviating some of those fears. It will at least make you feel like maybe sharks really aren't so bad. If these expressions are anywhere close to the actual personalities of these fish, then the deep blue sea sounds like a pretty funny place to visit.

You are guaranteed to never see the toothy marine predators in the same way again once you are done watching this side-splitting shark video. Even though shark week is over, it is never too late to check out a new shark video.

Which shark expression in this video did you think was the funniest? Share your opinion in the comments section below.

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The Funniest Shark Video You Will Ever See [VIDEO]