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Funniest Fly Fishing Fail Caught on Tape

So you fail. You fail big. We all do! But when it’s caught on tape…watch out! That’s an epic fail!

It’s no joke…epic fails happen quite often, as seen in this fly fishing footage.

Now, fly fishing is not entirely difficult, but you can’t just pick up a rod and be instantly proficient.  Nothing worthwhile works that way, and fly fishing is no different.

But the goal is to have fun, and maybe catch fish, too. Cut yourself some slack…even when you fail!

Fly fishing is actually a lot simpler than it appears to most, but of course, things like this still happen.

With determination, the right equipment, and a little instruction, fly fishing can be an awesome experience, and hook even the most apprehensive anglers into becoming fly slingers.

Just don’t let a fail like this deter you!


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Funniest Fly Fishing Fail Caught on Tape