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The Fundamentals of Long Range Shooting with Professional Instruction

Learn the long range shooting fundamentals applied by top marksmen and apply it to your hunting and shooting.

This is a great tutorial on the fundamentals of marksmanship and long range shooting based on tried and true military training and operational shooting.

Discussed in detail is body position, natural point-of-aim, respiratory control and many of the nuances that are behind consistent and accurate shooting with a rifle.

These principles are being applied by the most effective U.S. and coalition militaries in training and are now instilled in their infantry and Special Operations forces.

But they are not just for the battlefield. They should also be embraced by the hunter to make consistent and ethical shots on animals at any range.

As is demonstrated in the video, go through a mental checklist as you get into the prone position, or any other shooting position. Start from proper hold, natural alignment and breathing control. Combining the principles with good trigger control will ensure you get accurate shots downrange.

With any type of shooting practice is key so get out to the range and move back to 100 yards and further to work through the fundamentals.


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The Fundamentals of Long Range Shooting with Professional Instruction