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Fully Automatic M4 in Slow Motion [VIDEO]

Watch this M4 in slow motion high-resolution and try not to be blown away.

This video was recently posted by The Slow Mo Guys, put together by filmmakers Gavin Free and Daniel Gruchy. The blokes use high-speed cameras to capture all kinds of things in super slow mo, and their latest installment of the web series included a pretty powerful weapon.


 Image via YouTube

The M4 Carbine in the video was modeled from early M16, which originally came from the idea behind the AR-15, but is intended to be smaller and a lighter weight. We’re assuming it’s shooting the customary .223 caliber. The video is shot at a neck breaking 18,000 frames per second.

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The Slow Mo Guys may not be complete and total gun experts, they sort of ramble for a bit, and of course take the obligatory opportunity to make fun of themselves. Nonetheless, it’s a really cool video, no matter how into firearms you may be. The image is so clear, and the action going on inside reveals some things you simply can’t catch without such high quality production.


 Image via YouTube

Check it out:

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For those who have shot a rifle like this, you can attest to the recoil it throws out. All the same, Gavin didn’t exactly handle it like a pro. We’ll let it pass, he’s still a great filmmaker, and provided us with this awesome footage.

What did you notice from the video that you’ve never seen before?

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Fully Automatic M4 in Slow Motion [VIDEO]