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Here's a Fully Automatic Glock Shooting Tracer Ammo [VIDEO]

If I didn't see this fully automatic Glock shooting tracer ammo, I may not have believed it.

If you've never seen a fully automatic Glock before, then this is the video for you.

FPSRussia made a name for himself by posting crazy videos shooting machine guns on YouTube, and he doesn't disappoint with this one.

WARNING: the video includes some graphic language.

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He says that it is a fully automatic Glock 17, so I assume he got some sort of conversion kit for the normally semi-automatic pistol. I'm not sure what legal hoops he had to jump through to do that, or where he got the money for it.

However, I will say that I'm pretty impressed with the control he demonstrates while shooting it; no easy feat, I assure you. Who knew that shooting bottles of soda could be so much fun...

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Here's a Fully Automatic Glock Shooting Tracer Ammo [VIDEO]