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Full Auto vs. Semi-Auto with an AK-47: The Accuracy Test

This range trial shows the difference in accuracy for full auto vs. semi-auto in this live fire matchup.

Larry Vickers of Vickers Tactical goes head to head in full auto vs. semi-auto to show what rate is more effective in real-world situations.

Fully automatic fire for small arms was thought to be of some use for infantry combat in such situations as house-to-house fighting or where small units were facing being overwhelmed by larger enemy wave attacks. Examples include G.I.s experienced against the Japanese in World War II or fighting Red Chinese in the Korean action. What was realized over time was the exact opposite.

Military professionals have known for years that going full auto is of dubious utility and use in a combat rifle. The ability to maintain almost any semblance of accuracy is nil and it drastically increases your chances of a “blue-on-blue” friendly fire incident. In fact, many militaries have opted away from having their primary rifles with a full auto capability.

Fully automatic fire in a rifle just doesn’t make sense; it makes a whole lot of sense when used with tripod mounted machine-guns and fixed MGs on vehicles. That is where you get some incredibly accurate automatic fire out to tremendous distances.


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Full Auto vs. Semi-Auto with an AK-47: The Accuracy Test