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Frozen Trigger Almost Ruins Long Range Shot [VIDEO]

This hunter battles the elements and finally makes a great long range shot on an amazing bull elk.

These guys are on a backcountry Wyoming elk hunt, hunting animals that most hunters only dream about.

After passing several solid bulls, they finally find what they are looking for. The only problem is that the bull is 1,060 yards away.

Everything goes haywire when the hunter settles behind the gun to attempt the long range shot.

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1,060 yards is a seriously long range shot in any conditions. This hunter also had to deal with extreme cold and equipment malfunctions to take this magnificent bull.

Hunters who choose to take long range shots like these should be well-practiced with their weapon as well as with skills like wind estimation and ballistics. It is the responsibility of every hunter to determine their effective range and not to take unethical shots outside their comfort zone.

Luckily, this hunter is skilled and hits his mark overcoming the gun malfunction to make an awesome long range shot.


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Frozen Trigger Almost Ruins Long Range Shot [VIDEO]