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Frozen Parody of ‘Do You Want to Shoot a Snowman?’ Hits Home

Shoot A Snowman

Watch The AK Guy do his best interpretation of this song from Frozen.

Although the song “Do You Want to Build a Snowman” has seen many parodies, none have been as fun as this one.

You have to view this video yourself to truly appreciate the creativity behind it.

May we present to you, “Do You Want to Shoot a Snowman?”

For those not familiar with The AK Guy, he has a YouTube channel with a decent following. Most of his videos are about AKs and shooting, but he he likes to loosen it up as well.

For the many parents with children who have been forced to watch Frozen over and over again against your will, you will find a particular joy in this video. The highlight of which is a little snowman with a vague resemblance to Olaf being shot with Dragon’s Breath.

You might wonder if it is a little overkill shooting a snowman with dragon’s breath, but that is quickly followed up with cutting him in half through a hail of bullets.

This is the sort of thing that is bound to become a viral video. The question is, how long until you get outside and shoot your own snowman?

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Frozen Parody of ‘Do You Want to Shoot a Snowman?’ Hits Home