Sometimes It Gets So Cold, Frozen Deer Are Found Propped up Next to Roads

With subzero temps gripping many parts of the country, it’s hard to imagine being a wild animal right now.

What’s worseburning alive or freezing to death? Based on our knowledge, we’d have to go with the latter, as the time it takes for the cold to wrap around your skin, blood vessels, and organs is much longer and more painful that being engulfed in flames.

Sorry to get morbid on you, but we are talking about a frozen statue of an animal that was probably alive the day before.

The image of the frozen deer, which was uploaded a while back to reddit, shows a young buck standing in deep snow. It’s believed that the buck was propped up by a passerby hoping to cause a fright with the eventual onlookers who would later use the road.


The image is, in a word, chilling.

Judging by the comments on the reddit post, this kind of practice is nothing new. Here is a photo of a a young bull elk from an unknown part of the country, frozen in time.



Not to be left behind, in the warmer months a few nefarious jokers seem to enjoy placing ‘Get Well Soon’ balloons on deer roadkill.


While it may seem humorous to some, we still don’t see why they wouldn’t do their civil service and call the proper authorities for removal.

As always we encourage you to stay warm and keep your dogs/animals inside when it gets too cold, lest they become one of nature’s victims, like the frozen buck who met his match.

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