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Frozen Bear Legs Not Considered Paying Passengers

frozen bear legs
Image via National Geographic

Apparently frozen bear legs are not considered legal paying passengers in Vietnam, and one bus driver found that out the hard way.

In some fresh, never frozen, news out of Vietnam we find out that a bus driver in Thana Han had his bus siezed this week after being caught transporting 18 frozen bear legs. The 18 legs, all supposedly from the sun bear, weighed around 84 pounds (38 kilograms) in total and were in the process of being transported from Laos to Vietnam.

frozen bear legs
Image via Twitter

Sun bears are currently on the endangered list in Vietnam and are protected from all hunting activity. Regardless of this fact many still search for sun bears because of their use in traditional Vietnamese medicines. Specifically the bear’s legs, hands, and bile are often used for medicinal purposes.

As much as we hate to see stories such as this where people are ignoring conservation laws, we do have to wonder why there are 18 legs on the bus? The last we checked sun bears had four legs each…

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Frozen Bear Legs Not Considered Paying Passengers