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Frog Hunting with Primitive Archery: Get Yourself Some Frogs Legs

Frog hunting with primitive archery gear is a great way target practice, get rid of some invasive species, and get a great meal all at the same time.

Shawn Woods is getting a little target practice in. He’s doing a bit of frog hunting in the beaver pond behind his house. It’s the heat of summer and the pond is slowly drying up. As a result the frogs are congregating into small pools and are fairly easy to find.

He’s using a PVC bow given to him by another YouTuber, Nick Tomihama. And the arrow he’s using is an Ishi style arrow made by Shawn, tipped with an antique glass arrowhead that he made recently.

Woods says that the frogs are invasive species, so it’s a good thing to weed them out a bit. He ended up with five kills. Regardless of a few misses, that’s some pretty good shooting.

Always eager to eat from the wild, Woods then prepares the frogs using an edged obsidian “knife”. He removes the legs from the torse and cuts off the feet. Then he easily skins them, just like pulling a sock off.

He cooks the frogs legs in a bit of bear fat that he rendered himself, and declares them to taste a combination of flaky fish meat and fried chicken wings.

One frog was infested with parasites, so he declined to eat that one.

How did his arrow perform? Well, the glass arrowhead performed excellently. It didn’t break, which is a little surprising, but the sinew wrapping that secured it to the shaft came loose after being soaked in water.

All in all, it was a fun and successful outing.

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Frog Hunting with Primitive Archery: Get Yourself Some Frogs Legs