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Frog Foolery 101: Sebile's Frog Lure Causes "Croaker Cravings" [VIDEO]

Fishermen, are you feeling froggy?

Nothing cures an anxious feeling like explosive top water action. Check out this video uploaded by utbprotv of the newest frog lure from Sebile.

The action and lifelike detail are enough to give any bass an amphibious craving.

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The more I watch this, the more amazed I am at the motion and versatility of the lure. The action is great, but more importantly, you can throw this lure where it needs to be and work it through prime strike zones for big, hungry bass. I've been guilty of not putting my favorite lure in deep cover because I just was too attached to it.

The Sebile Pivot Frog looks good to us on top of the water, but fish literally are raving about the "bottom side view" of the lure, according to the way they attack it anyways. The legs operate with the efficiency of most real life croakers and bass respond to it as the real thing. The tuck away benefit of the hook while in motion protects from hang ups but it is "all business" when unsuspecting bass strikes. The fish are in trouble and they will only be following their instincts.

There was some serious thought put into the design of this lure and it shows where it matters, on the water. The design process is shown and it looks like the testing that goes on in Detroit for new cars! The effort was well worth it, this is a frog that would make Kermit jealous. Yes, Kermit can talk, but this frog truly walks the walk.

The technique of "walking the dog" has been around forever, but the lures you often used to accomplish this effective action were prone to hang up easily and just never got where you truly wanted to cast. The old Heddon Spook has always been a favorite of mine, but I rarely threw it into the middle of lily pads. This frog follows orders and goes wherever it takes to get the job done.

Have you had favorite lures you wouldn't throw into thick cover because of the fear of losing them? Let us know about your tackle attachments in the comments below.

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Frog Foolery 101: Sebile's Frog Lure Causes "Croaker Cravings" [VIDEO]