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Frightening Encounter Leads to Record North Carolina Bear

North Carolina Sportsman

This North Carolina bear didn’t go down so easy. 

David Linker was deer hunting alone deep in a low land swamp. He had been sitting for a while, then heard some dogs running on a nearby property. Figuring no more deer would be headed his way due to the bear dogs, he started to pack up. That’s when he noticed a giant North Carolina bear headed his way.

What happened next was one of the more frightening animal encounters of his life.

“I was deer hunting, but I knew bears are in the area. Linker said in an interview about the bear. “I’ve never seen one, not either in person or on a trail camera, but the fact that bears are present in the area is always in the back of my mind when hunting there”.

What makes this story just a little more interesting is the fact that Linker was not in a treestand. As a matter of fact, he was sitting on a stool right in the path of the huge black bear.


“I was sitting in the water on a BlackOut rotating stool,” he said. “The farmer that owns the land has always said that if I want to kill a big deer, I need to sit deep in the swamp, and that stool is the perfect seat for sitting in the water.”

Once the bear was in close to 100 yards away, Linker fired. The bear continued to move, seemingly unfazed. Linker, expecting to shoot a deer and not encounter a bear, only had two shots left.

“I know now that it’s crazy to carry only three bullets in an area you might see a bear, but in all the years I’ve been hunting, I had never needed more than three bullets on a hunt, so I started carrying just three bullets some time ago,” Linker said.

After the first shot, the bear started running directly at him. He quickly reloaded and fired again, stopping the bear at 40 yards. It stood in the swamp looking wildly in all directions trying to find the reason of the pain that it was feeling.

Linker, thankful of his full camo that was keeping him hidden, loaded his last bullet and fired again. This time, the bear stumbled a few more feet in his direction and collapsed.

After Linker knew the bear had died, he quickly sent a text to the landowner.

“Shot bear 3 times. Out of bullets. Still standing,” he wrote.

Luckily for Linker, this story had a happy ending. To make this hunt even more memorable, the bear weighed in at 448 pounds, making it the largest bear ever harvested in Person County.


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Frightening Encounter Leads to Record North Carolina Bear