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Be the Friendliest Camper with These 5 Tips in Camping Etiquette [PICS]

A Little Campy

Don't be that moron at the campsite disturbing all of your neighbors.

The idea of camping is to be able to get away from it all. Whatever the "all" may be, camping is a nice easy escape for many. A good campout offers the peace and quiet mother nature has to offer. More campouts have been ruined by those with poor camping etiquette. Here are some camping etiquette tips hopefully you have been following.

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1. Be mindful of your noise level.

It's not to say that you have to be silent and keep things at a whisper, but be mindful of the noise you make when you are camping. Noise carries farther than you think and nothing is more annoying than when your camping neighbor is loud and obnoxious. Remember campers, enjoy the peace and quiet of the great outdoors.

2. Be thoughtful about your food. 

Do not feed animals like squirrels at your campsite. This could cause more of a nuisance for you and other campers. Also, be sure to put your food away at night. You might attract an unwanted visitor.



3. Be friendly.

You may run into other campers, so be friendly. Take the time to say hello if you come across a fellow camper.

4. Keep an eye on your dogs.

Camping is a perfect place for you and your dog. If you take your pet on a camping trip with you, be sure to keep your dog by your side. Just because you love your dog doesn't mean everyone else will.

5. Keep it clean.

Keep your campsite clean during your campout. It makes for a more enjoyable experience. When your camping adventure comes to an end, be sure to pack out what you packed in.



An enjoyable camping experience can be easily ruined through bad behavior. Don't ruin someone else's camping experience by not following these etiquette tips.


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Be the Friendliest Camper with These 5 Tips in Camping Etiquette [PICS]