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Fried Snakes for Dinner? City Workers Find a Slithering Nightmare

City workers in Morganton, NC found two fried snakes that were electrocuted after climbing into a hot terminal box.

The City of Morganton, NC Facebook page posted a photo of two snakes that met their end inside of a live terminal box on a house that was set to be demolished.

The workers had gone to an address on E. Parker Road with orders to disconnect the power on an abandoned house that was slated for demolition when they made the eye-popping discovery.

Apparently one snake had slithered across the hot terminals and was subsequently fried; the other appeared to have been biting the first at the time and paid the ultimate price for sinking its 'teeth' into its enemy.


It's a little hard to tell, but the reptiles appear to be simple garter snakes that took their fight to the wrong place at the wrong time.

Electric Services Director Brooks Kirby said, "his guys come across fried snakes every two or three years, and that's one time too many!"

Certainly the next time those workers have to open an electric box they will be ready for anything!

Photo via Facebook/City of Morganton NC Government


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Fried Snakes for Dinner? City Workers Find a Slithering Nightmare