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French Hunter Charged by Wild Boar [VIDEO]

We’re big fans of the new hunt filming trend with hunters from around the world taking GoPros and other small recording devices out into the field with them. They serve a great purpose for the hunter in allowing them to relive certain key moments and learn from their mistakes; they also serve the great purpose of giving those of us not in the field some eye candy.

The French hunter who uploaded the video was out boar hunting with his dogs when one of them was able to rout out a small swine that looks to be about 40 – 50 pounds – a small boar by Southern American standards, where Texas hogs have reached into mid-to-high hundreds of pounds.

Watch as the hog charges the hunter – it appears he doesn’t fire because his safety is still on, but other viewers have suggested that he didn’t fire because one of his dogs was squarely behind the hog. Either way, the video makes for quite the adrenaline rush. Watch below.

French Hunter Charged by Wild Boar:

We can’t imagine what was going through his head as the boar got right up on him. Unfortunately we do not speak French, so we’re unaware of what he says at the end of the video. If any of our readers know what he is saying, please feel free to comment below!

Have you ever been boar hunting with your dog(s) before? What would you have done in this situation? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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French Hunter Charged by Wild Boar [VIDEO]