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The French Bulldog and Deer Encounter You’ve Been Waiting For [VIDEO]

This French bulldog and deer get together in a Canadian backyard for a good old time

You’d think a dog and deer encounter would involve little other than strictly running.

As in, the deer fleeing from the dog that is chasing it. But the scene in the video posted to YouTube by Jamie-Rae Fifield plays out a little differently.

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Yeah, chasing happens but not before a little fun.

It probably helps that the bulldog, a 3 year old named Ellie-Mae, is a French Bulldog. This means that she is quite a bit smaller than other bulldogs.

I think the term “playing” is used very loosely in this case. It seems that the deer may be the one playing with the dog. I’ve never seen a dog try to intimidate a deer unsuccessfully before, but that appears to be what is happening here.

I’m not sure if the deer is confused or if he is trying to fight back but either way it makes for an entertaining video.

Have you ever seen anything like this, or other deer antics in your backyard? Tell us about them in the comments below.

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The French Bulldog and Deer Encounter You’ve Been Waiting For [VIDEO]